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Attendance & Punctuality


At Christopher Hatton we know that good attendance at school is the first step towards good progress and achievement. Our attendance lead Jennifer Smith (assistant head and Inclusions lead) is available to help you if you are having difficulty getting your child into school. Jennifer regularly analyses attendance and will call you if there are concerns about your child's attendance. Any pupil with less than 95% attendance is automatically reviewed in these meetings.

See below for guidance on attendance (full policy can found here on this link):

- schedule appointments outside of the school day

- only take off days when your child is genuinely ill

- provide genuine reasons for absence and evidence where necessary

- call or email school every day that your child is going to be absent (unless agreed otherwise)

- understand that we cannot authorise any holiday in term times and will refer to Camden Pupil Attendance Service if holidays are taken

- we cannot authorise absence if the guidance above is not followed and unauthorised absences are monitored by Camden Pupil Attendance Service.

- arriving more than 30 minutes late will be marked as an unauthorised absence (8.55am KS2 9am EYFS and KS1)

 Authorised absence

Families are able to request authorised leave for limited exceptional circumstances, please see the office staff for the forms to request this and the headteacher will consider your request.

Christopher Hatton School Attendance Figures

Annual 2023/24 attendance percentage: 93.8%

Annual 2022/23 Attendance Percentage: 93.8%

Annual 2021/2022 Attendance Percentage: 93.9%