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We really enjoy being part of the school life and helping out where we can.

Attendance & Punctuality

Good attendance at school is the first step towards pupils' progress and achievement. Good punctuality shows respect for teachers and peers and ensures that children are ready and willing to learn.

We celebrate excellent attendance and punctuality in our weekly assemblies.

Holidays during term time are not permitted and may result in a fine being issued.


Christopher Hatton School Attendance Figures

Annual 2018/2019 Attendance Percentage:

Summer Term 2019: TBC 

Spring Term 2019: TBC

Autumn Term 2018: 96.09%


Annual 2017/2018 Attendance Percentage:

Summer Term 2018: 96% 

Spring Term 2018: 95.74 %

Autumn Term 2017: 96.61%


Annual 2016/2017 Attendance Percentage:

Summer Term 2017: 96.91% 

Spring Term 2017: 95.04 %

Autumn Term 2016: 96.67 %


Annual 2015/2016 Attendance Percentage:

Summer Term 2016: 96% 

Spring Term 2016: 96.32 %

Autumn Term 2015: 96.68 %