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Attendance & Punctuality


At Christopher Hatton we know that good attendance at school is the first step towards good progress and achievement and our attendance lead Clare McBride deputy headteacher and Inclusions lead is available to help you if you are having difficulty getting your child into school.

If your child is not able to attend school we ask that you call school early on the first day of absence to inform us of the reason for absence and continue to call for every day of the absence unless otherwise agreed with the school.

If you do not call us then we will call or text you the same day as the law requires us to establish that there are genuine reasons for absence and so we ask that you assist us in this by responding to any texts we may send you to enquire about an absence where you may have forgotten to call.

We are not able to authorise absences without communication with parents. Unauthorised absences are monitored by Camden Education Welfare Service and frequent unauthorised absences may result in a penalty notice being issued.

 Appointments during the school day

We ask that, whenever possible, appointments for doctors and dentists etc. should take place outside of school hours but where this is not possible please be sure to bring proof of the appointment to the school office e.g. a text or letter from the doctor.


School starts at 8.55am for Y3,4,5,6 and ends at 3.25pm. School starts at 9am for nursery, reception, Y1, Y2 and ends at 3.30pm. Please arrive a few minutes early to allow teachers to close the gates on time.  Pupils arriving after the gates have closed will be marked as late. Arriving more than 15 minutes late after the close of registers is marked as an unauthorised absence (please see above for consequences of unauthorised absences).

Attendance lead and monitoring

Our deputy Clare McBride is the attendance lead and she works with our office staff to monitor pupil attendance. Attendance analysis is carried out regularly and calls are made to families where there are concerns about level of attendance and/or reasons for absence. Any pupil with less than 95% attendance is automatically reviewed in these meetings.

Holidays during term time

We follow the Camden policy in that we do not authorise holidays in term time. Unauthorised holidays may result in penalty notices being issued by Camden Education Welfare service.

Authorised absence

Families are able to request authorised leave for limited exceptional circumstances, please see the office staff for the forms to request this and the headteacher will consider your request.

Christopher Hatton School Attendance Figures

Annual 2022/23 Attendance Percentage: 93.8%

Annual 2021/2022 Attendance Percentage: 93.9% 

Annual 2020/2021 Attendance Percentage: 94.7%