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After School Clubs

We have a wide variety of pre and after school provision available. If you would like your child to attend any of the clubs please sign and return the form to the school office. If more people apply than we have places for we will pull names out of a hat and add any others to the waiting list

Children who already have places in clubs do not need to reapply but please let us know if you no longer want your place

Please note, due to problems we have had with children dropping out, we now require a commitment to attend and pay for ALL sessions for a FULL TERM.  If you want to cancel a club you must inform the school office and complete and sign a cancellation form.  Please do not send your child to the office.session 

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We also offer a free escort service to Coram’s After School Club, if you would like to use this service you will need to contact Coram’s directly to enrol your child with their service - 020 7837 6138

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