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Christopher Hatton

Art and Design

The aim of our curriculum is to build the knowledge, skills and attitudes pupils need to become informed, articulate and empowered. We recognise the value and fundamental role that art plays within a child’s learning and development. We provide pupils with a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum, which develops not only their artistic skills but also a positive attitude towards art and its place in society.

Pupils have the opportunity to develop their artistic skills and techniques within the areas of drawing, painting, mixed media, 3D sculpture, computer technology and printing. In addition to this, we provide pupils with the opportunity to explore the work of influential artists from a range of cultures and periods. To enhance arts education, each class has the opportunity to visit galleries and to work with an artist.

We also run an after school art club for those children who wish to extend their art experiences. or attend an after-school art club.

Art and design is an inspiring and exciting area of the curriculum full of enriching experiences for pupils to learn from and grow from.

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