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The aim of our curriculum is to build the knowledge, skills and attitudes pupils need to become informed, articulate and empowered.

At Christopher Hatton, we understand that children need to have a good understanding of the differing technologies and how they can be used to enhance learning.  We also understand that our children develop a greater technical awareness at an earlier age, whether this is through interactive technologies, games systems or mobile technologies.  Our aim is to ensure that all children have access to and can use a range of systems well, making appropriate choices to support and enhance learning.


  • To develop skills of all to ensure Computing is used to enhance teaching and learning throughout the curriculum.
  • To meet the requirements of the National Curriculum.
  • To use all aspects of Computing for effective and appropriate communication.
  • To apply their learning in Computing to other aspects of the curriculum, in particular, computational thinking.
  • To have a good understanding of online safety and know how to protect themselves when using the internet and social media. (See E-Safety Policy for further advice)

Computing lesson videos and links 

Year 2 Captain Pirate

Year 3 Iron Man videos

Year 5 Sutton Hoo videos

Year 2 Purple Mash Recycling games

Year 3 Purple Mash Plastic in the oceans games

Our gallery shows some of our learning experiences and the work children have produced.