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Language Teaching at Christopher Hatton


Our aim is for all pupils to be informed, articulate and empowered.  

Learning a foreign language is an essential skill in modern life and provides an opportunity to learn about other cultures and deepen their understanding of the world. Many children at Christopher Hatton are multi lingual and relish the opportunity to broaden their language skills.


  • Children learn to communicate in Spanish, developing their vocabulary and skills
  • Children develop their knowledge of Spanish speaking cultures


  • The teaching of Spanish is predominantly oral, children learn to converse, to describe and learn songs and rhymes
  • They build a growing vocabulary enabling them to name, describe and ask/answer questions.
  • Children learn accurate pronunciation and intonation


  • Learning to speak another language enables children to live in a global world. Spanish is the language taught, chosen as one of the most commonly spoken languages around the world.
  • Finding out about the traditions and beliefs of another culture supports an ethos of acceptance and respect for difference.
  • All children including those who have SEND or are disadvantaged are supported to fully access the Spanish curriculum. This may include additional adult support, adapted resources or the use of visual supports.


  • The Spanish scheme of work, lays out the sequential steps to be taught so that new spoken and written vocabulary builds on what has been taught before. The scheme revisits every word at least 3 times in a systematic way and phonics and grammar are regularly revisited
  • Spanish is taught across KS2 by a native speaker. Each class has a weekly Spanish lesson.
  • The same language is taught throughout KS2 to enable children to build proficiency.
  • Children learn Spanish in a practical and engaging way enabling them to practice, understand and retain and enjoy their learning.
  • The curriculum lead supports the Spanish teacher and monitors standards by reviewing planning of units, talking to children and observing lessons.


  • Children at Christopher Hatton can listen attentively and show their understanding by joining in and responding.
  • By the end of KS2 they can ask and answer simple questions, speaking in sentences using familiar phrases and vocabulary.