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Christopher Hatton


The aim of our curriculum is to build the knowledge, skills and attitudes pupils need to become informed, articulate and empowered.

Children throughout the school are taught scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding in, wherever possible, a hands on investigative way.  Children learn the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.  The science curriculum is organised to ensure coverage and progression, with learning revisited and extended to deepen and build understanding.

Within science, children learn key subject vocabulary and have opportunities to reason, discuss and explore concepts, ethics and scientific developments. Explorify and concept cartoons provide a stimulus for discussion points within science.

A central element of science involves developing the skills needed to work scientifically. This involves the following elements: Comparative and fair testing: Observing over time, Identifying, classifying and grouping, Research using secondary sources and Pattern seeking

Trips and workshops enhance children's scientific experiences and we teach the real life importance of science. We make use of facilities within our location such as the Francis Crick Institute, the Wellcome Trust, and University College London to make connections to real life science making it accessible and relevant to their future.

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Our gallery shows our scientists at work.