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Christopher Hatton


Our aim is to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes in our pupils to enable them to become informed, articulate and empowered citizens. We are an inclusive school and are proud to be a beacon of excellence at the heart of our community. ‘Hattoneers’ aim high, respect each other and make a difference.

To achieve our aims:

We have developed an outstanding curriculum that helps all children to succeed in their academic and personal development.

Children are shown how to be effective learners with a growth mind-set that will equip them for life, giving pupils confidence to embrace challenges and handle set backs.

We are committed to equality for all and this is reflected in the content of our curriculum, our ethos, and our commitment to anti-racist practices.

We provide enriching arts and cultural experiences as part of our entitlement pledge that are fundamental to their cultural and holistic development.

We strive to continually develop, innovate and grow as educators providing excellence in teaching and learning.

Hattoneers work together to create a safer, happier and fair world for everyone.