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Dear children of Christopher Hatton

I really miss Christopher Hatton. One of the saddest things for me in lockdown is that I don’t get to teach you all. Fridays are a highlight of my week. I have made a bunch of videos for you to carry on learning and playing along at home. Look first at the material for your class, but feel free to explore the pages for the classes below you, as there is stuff you’ll know and you might enjoy playing along. Year 6, if you’re finding it a bit tricky, have a look back at the year 5 stuff and do some of that.

Here are some tips

 As you play the video, you will probably need to pause sometimes, especially the first time you try to play along.

  1. You may need to view each video a few times before you get it right.

  2. Practise without the video once you know what to do. The go back to it.

  3. Links to the music are the bottom of this page and on the screen if you need it.

  4. Play through the playlist in order, so that you get the instructions for each bit.

  5. There will be help with music reading very soon.

  6. I will send you some advice for how to tune your instruments. Until then you’ll have to put up with it being a bit jangly, if you don’t have an adult who knows how to do it.

 Good luck!

Here are the links

Year 4 ukulele lessons

Year 5 guitar lessons

Year 6 guitar lessons

Guitar Music

1 - Getting to Know the Guitar

2 - Rhythm Grid and Explanation

3 - Upstart Rockers

4 - Es Bs and Gs

5 - 1st String Tunes

6 - First Duet with Note Finder and Explanation

7 - 1st & 2nd String Tunes

Basic Chords 1 & 2

Blues Lick

First guitar songs

Note Finder

Power Chords Damping and Blues Riff