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Christopher Hatton

DEC 2016: Around the World with Christopher Hatton

with Christopher Hatton

Thank you to all the people who attended the meeting. It was very helpful both to

have the input of parents and to have the opportunity to share how we celebrate

and reflect the experiences of our wonderfully diverse school through the

curriculum, assemblies and events. I received some great ideas and offers of help

and the staff will be planning how best to use these in our January inset day. Look

out for details of how you can get involved in class newsletters.

Things to look forward to include our International day (and evening) in February;

we will be asking for volunteers to share their experiences and skills and hopefully tasty dishes.

We would also like to revisit our family book project and will asking for contributions and ideas to

show the many parts of the world we have represented at Christopher Hatton. If you have any further

ideas please put them in the comments box in the school office.