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Christopher Hatton

Earth Summit

Another great success to build upon was our Earth Summit introduced by news presenter Jon Snow. Each class gave a very impactful presentation of the aspect of their environmental study. The children’s activism has had an impact on school policies as well as making everyone think about the impact their actions have on the environment.  In response to Y3’s call to reduce single use plastic we will be providing reusable drinking bottles to all children and would ask that single use bottles are not sent into school. The children have also asked our catering company to ban plastic water bottles from the lunches they provide.
Year 4 told us all about the impact of food production and following their campaigning we will be introducing Meat Free Mondays to school lunch provision from September.
A very worrying and hard-hitting presentation was given by Year 6 about air pollution – a subject we are very aware of as an inner-city school.