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hattoneers care for our environment 

We are informed, articulate and empowered!

Children at Christopher Hatton learn about environmental issues and how we can care for our planet. They develop knowledge of issues such as pollution, plastic waste, responsible consumption, animal and habitat conservation and climate change.

In the summer term the whole school have a focus based on the Sustainable Development Goals. Topics such as: Climate Action, Sustainable Cities, Fast Fashion or the problems with palm oil engage children with real world issues and provide opportunities to find solutions. Knowing that positive changes are possible inspires children to take action and spread the message.

Children have instigated many changes to the way we behave. A reusable plastic bottle was designed and milk cartons with plastic straws replaced with the aim of reducing plastic waste. Changes to the food served includes more meat free options, sustainably sourced fish and the removal of plastic wrap in packed lunches. Our playground has become insect friendly with the addition of bee friendly plants and bug homes.

Older children have helped design a new pocket park to be built outside of school and grilled the designers of a new housing development ensuring the design was sustainable and eco-friendly.

We have used art as an important means to spread the message – designing T-Shirts and pavement art.

The topic culminates in our Earth Summit – our articulate children work hard to convince the audience of the importance of making positive changes to protect the environment.

Have a look at our films and photographs – Can Hattoneers inspire you?

Art and design projects for our environment topics 2021

Year 4's stop motion animations about looking after our world.

Earth Summit performance. This is the performance outcome from our learning about insects and why they are so important to life on Earth.


 Click to watch our video: Christopher Hatton Earth Summit July 2019