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Christopher Hatton

NOV 2016: Educational Research

Teachers from Christopher Hatton have been involved in some important research projects and I am

very proud of the work they have been producing. Dave, Sophie, Angela, Becs and Chloe have all had

their research published on the Sharing Best Practice website – with feedback from other teachers

showing the positive impact this is having beyond Christopher Hatton.

This year a number of teachers are undertaking research projects. These include

teaching for mastery in maths - exploring elements of the Singapore method and

the use of drama to stimulate and enrich writing. We have a whole school focus on

communication skills and are looking at ways to develop pupils’ language both

within specific curriculum areas and to improve their social communication skills.

Being able to communicate effectively, to reason and to get your views across

clearly is a key skill for life so this is an important area of work for the school. If

you would like to know more about our work in these areas please talk to your

child’s teacher or to Gwen or Clare.