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Christopher Hatton

Nov 2015: Assessments & Tests

The way we assess children, both in school and in national tests is changing this year. The main change is that children will no longer be assessed against, and given a National Curriculum level.  Many parents will be familiar with the old level system that started at level 1 and went up to level 5/6 at Primary School.  Children achieving a level 2b (by the end of Year 2) and a level 4 or above (by the end of Year 6) were considered to be on track and making good progress. This levels system has now been discarded.

Schools are now required to develop their own assessment systems to track the progress children in their school are making.  New assessments need to take into account the more challenging, new National Curriculum.  We have produced a parent guide to assessments, and teachers will give further details. Please look on the website under the Curriculum tab for more information.