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Christopher Hatton

Year 3 Iron Man films

This term year 3 have started a new project to create films based on a scene from the Iron Man. We started by learning how to use a stop motion animation app on the iPads. Then we wrote a script and filmed some live action using a green screen to insert a suitable background. Finally, we went to the City Learning Centre to animate the Iron Man erupting from the hillside. Andy then put all our clips together into films. Check out the results below!

The finished films (all together):


In the beginning...

We started by learning how to create stop motion films. The task was to create and animate a robot face and film title using metal items. The first attempts were good, but after assessing our work, we tried again and created greatly-improved sequences.

See the results below: the second film shows how each group has progressed.

Anna Lottie Neomi 1            Anna Lottie Neomi  2

Bau Zainab Lukas 1             Bau Zainab Lukas 2

Dante Amin Aden 1             Dante Amin Aden 2

Delan Theo Finn 1              Delan Theo Finn 2

Ikram Ikhwan Jonas 1         Ikram Ikhwan Jonas 2

Khadijah Aglaia 1               Khadijah Aglaia 2

Marley Enes Callum 1        Marley Enes Callum 2

Matar Pola Stella 1            Matar Pola Stella 2

Mia Zaynah 1                    Mia Zaynah 2

Toby Ben Klevis 1             Toby Ben Klevis 2