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Christopher Hatton

Year 5 Sutton Hoo videos

We have been using stop-motion animation to create short films about the history of the Sutton Hoo helmet. In Literacy we wrote poems using personification and we used these to narrate our films. Everybody worked in a pair to create one or two sequences and then they were edited by Andy to produce these films.

Film 1 by Haitham, Remesha, Lilly, Anouska, Ella, Felix, Erman, Imran, Cassius, Rumena and Leon

Film 2 by Abdulrahim, Mahir, Daniel, Hewan, Sophia, Joe, Yameen, Ophir, Fiona and Levi

Film 3 by Ava, Ilyas, Lina, Angus, Fleur, Leandro, Khalid, James, Rumena and Leon