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What are the uniform requirements at Christopher Hatton?

We have no formal school uniform, but we do recommend comfortable clothes and shoes.

If you would like, we also sell fleeces, sweatshirts and t-shirts, which have the school emblem on, these can be purchased from  www.brigadeuniformdirect.uk.com.

Book bags, rucksacks and water bottles can be purchased from the school office.

Please note it is imperative that all clothes are labelled with your child's name, this will avoid confusion and help us to lower the amount of lost property we accumulate.

What is the school policy on jewellery?

All children are strongly discouraged from wearing any jewellery in school.

If your child would like to wear jewellery, we do not take any responsibility for loss or damage.

What are the options available for school meals?

Each week we provide a choice of freshly cooked healthy food that caters to a range of dietary needs.

In order for your child to receive a hot meal we ask for dinner money to be paid in advance at the school office. This payment can either be paid weekly or termly.

Please note: Your child may be eligible for free school meals, complete an online check at www.camden.gov.uk/fsm
Children may bring their own packed lunch each day if they prefer. However, sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks and crisps are not allowed in packed lunches.

Can I pay for clubs and lunches online?

You can pay dinner money, clubs, trips and Nursery fees on line. You are also able to check what you owe at the touch of a button. You will need to create an account using the pupil link code available from the school office. Visit www.scopay.com/chrishatton and follow the instructions on screen.

What is your policy of health and care?

The health and welfare of the children in our school is paramount. Details of first aiders and school procedures can be found in our Medical conditions policy.

Can my child bring medicine to school?

Medication other than asthma inhalers should not be brought into school. However, if your child has a serious allergy and requires emergency medication (e.g. Epi-pen) you will need to complete a Medical Conditions Form and provide 2 Epi-pens and doctor’s note in a box labelled with your child’s name and class.

What happens if my child is ill or has an accident at school?

We have qualified first aid staff within the school and they will administer first aid for minor accidents and illnesses that happen during the school day. If your child has had a bump on the head or any injury that may need continuing care, parents will be notified by the school and the first aider involved. If your child needs to go to the hospital, the parent / guardian will be informed first, unless a delay is likely to endanger the child.

It is therefore essential that we have your home and work telephone number.  In addition we must have another emergency contact number of a family member or close friend.   If your address or telephone number changes you must tell the school.

Do the students have many educational visits throughout the year?

We are very lucky to be situated in the centre of London, and have access to a variety of interesting and educational places which we use to enhance the curriculum and stimulate learning. During the school year children are taken out regularly on educational visits to galleries, museums and concerts.

Parents’ consent forms will be given out when the child joins the school, but for major outings parents are given notification, and permission in writing is required before a child can go out.

What is the school's policy on attendance and punctuality?

The highest levels of attendance and punctuality are expected. For children to progress and attain they need to be in school on time every day. We never authorise holidays during term time

We believe regular attendance makes a big difference to a child’s learning and enjoyment at school; it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that their child attends school regularly.  If your child will be absent for any reason, please inform the school, by phone, in person or writing.

Each morning we expect the children to arrive at school before the lessons start, as late arrivals disrupt the rest of the class and can lead to the children missing vital instructions for the day. If your child does arrive late they must sign on using Late Book in the office.In cases of difficulty with any of these issues, we draw on the support of the Educational Social Worker, who is employed by the local education authority.

What should I do if I need to take my child overseas during term time?

Holidays in school time should be avoided as children can miss out on vital learning. If time off due to an exceptional circumstance is required written permission must be sought from the head teacher and an absence form completed. The law allows a maximum of 10 days leave for exceptional circumstances in any one year; parents must apply to the Head teacher. Definite dates of absence and return need to be agreed. If a child fails to return on the agreed date it is an unauthorised absence and the child may loose their place at the school.