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School Uniform 

School uniform at Christoppher Hatton school is not complusory.  Parents have the choice to purchase school unforms.

We will no longer be storing our uniforms onsite, all uniforms, PE kits, rucksacks and book bags will have to be ordered thorugh our new uniform provider: www.yourschooluniform.com

Items can be delivered to your home address for a fee or free to the school.

Returns and unwanted items will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

The items available are as follows for the School and the Nursery (please be aware the nursery has a different colour scheme and logo to the main school and does not include the PE kit or rucksack):


Fleece (with school logo):                             £13.95                 

Sweatshirt (with school logo):                      £9.50

T-Shirt (with school logo):                            £4.50

Bookbag (with school logo):                        £6.60

Rucksack (with school logo):                       £14.34

PE T-Shirt (Plain white):                                £3.50

PE Shorts (Plain Blue):                                  £4.95


We still have some stock left in the school, please ask at the school office if there are any items you require, if we do not have any stock left you will be directed to the Your School Uniform website.