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Teacher: Jackie Thomas

Nursery Nurse: Tracey Davies and Syeda Khanum

You can email Jackie on nursery@chrishatton.camden.sch.uk but please be aware that teachers may not be able respond immediately.  If you have an urgent inquiry please email the office on admin@chrishatton.camden.sch.uk.

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Nursery have been helping to make our school look nice by digging up weeds and planting new flowers.

Paul from The Foundling Museum

This week we had a visit from Paul from The Foundling Museum. He told the story of  the musician Handel and how he helped the children of the Foundling Hospital. Our children listened to music and joined in with singing and dancing. They learned the different sounds of musical instruments and how to clap along to a beat.

They all danced with scarves to Handel's water music and then made their own firework display for Handels's music for fireworks.


Playdough Fun!

We have been making our own playdough in Nursery. We enjoyed being able to measure out the ingredients, mix them up and choose our favourite colours.


Nursery Outdoor Environment

We have been enjoying making use of our outdoor environment. The children have had great fun developing their problem solving skills through experimentation, developing imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulness?. 

First Week In Nursery!

We have had a fabulous first week at Nursery. The children have been spending time getting to know each other and the Nursery environment, exploring the classroom and outdoor space. They have had a lot of fun exploring, experimenting and making new friends. 

EYFS Earth Summit 2021

Drama Workshop

Nursery took part in a Drama4All workshop. The story was set under the sea and was all about sea creatures. Everybody took part beautifully and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Butterfly Life cycle - Butterflies!

We have had so much fun watching our caterpillars grow in to butterflies and were so happy to let them go and watch them fly away. 

10 Things to Help the World

This term, we are looking at 10 things we can do to help the world. As part of this, we are talking about how to help insects and wildlife. We had great fun making some bird cakes to feed the birds and some bug hotels out of recycled materials. We are now looking out for any new visitors to our outside area.

Butterfly Life cycle - Caterpillars!

We have some caterpillars in Nursery and are learning about the life cycle of the butterfly. We have really enjoyed being able to look closely at them and have noticed that they are always eating and have grown a lot already. We are now looking forward to seeing them turn into butterflies.

Easter Egg Hunt

In Nursery we had an egg hunt. They were hidden all around the lower playground. We were really good at finding the eggs which we brought back to the classroom and decorated carefully.

World Book Day

On Thursday it was World Book Day. The children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters and talking about their favourite books. We read stories, told stories, made books and acted out traditional tales on our stage. It was a fun day.

Foundling Museum Uniform workshop 2

Following on from the uniforms we designed for the foundling children, this week Nursery made their own school uniform to wear. They used tissue and masking tape, thinking about how it would feel to wear the same as their friends and the same outfit every day of the year. The children also talked about how they liked their clothes to be comfortable and not scratchy. When they had finished making their uniform, the children lined up outside to be inspected by a very strict matron, just as the foundling children would have.

Foundling Museum Uniform workshop

In this workshop, Nursery talked about the school uniform the foundlings wore every single day. They designed their own uniform for the children, making it more fun and exciting. 

Foundling Museum Medal workshop

The children took part in an art workshop from The Foundling Museum. They learned how the children from the Foundling Hospital often joined the forces and were presented with a medal for their service.

The children used various art materials to create their own medal and at the end of the day  sat in a circle and said why each child deserved their medal. The children literally glowed with pride as their friends gave reasons.

Whatever Next 

We read the book 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy. The children then made their own plans for an adventure in space. They made spaceships, decided what they needed to wear and chose companions. They also wrote their own packing lists of what they would bring to space and collected the right number of objects.